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Marketplace Dynamics in CRE includes:

  • A little used concept that examines the most fundamental driver of real estate prices.
  • A one-word answer to what is the most fundamental cause of demand.
  • A recent academic white paper about cap rates from a highly regarded institution.
  • A perspective on the difference between the fine art of speculation and gambling.
  • A reflection on whether commercial real estate loan activity is a leading or trailing economic indicator.
  • A list of key marketplace dynamics that point to whether the economy is moving toward a boom or bust period from a CRE viewpoint.
  • Video clips on the New Workforce, Globalization and Managing Future Disruption 

An Untapped Resource:  A Tutorial On Real Estate Philanthropy includes:

  • A pathway for elderly couples to donate their residence yet live in it rent free till both have reached their final destination.
  • A pathway for a commercial real estate investor to sell a property to a charity at a discount and claim the discount as a tax deductible donation.
  • A pathway for a property to be transferred to a charity as a tax deductible donation that results in an annuity back to the donor.
  • A pathway for a small, unsophisticated charity to accept real estate gifts by teaming with a larger, more sophisticated charity instead of turning the gift down.
  • A discussion on the role of real estate licensees in the real estate donation process and the opportunities to gain consulting and commission income in the process.
  • A video clip from two of the foremost experts on real estate giving in the country.
  • A take home tutorial guide* entitled "The Secret Power Behind Real Estate Donations"

*Realty Restoration Gift Fund of Santa Fe, NM is gratefully acknowledged for their contribution of the tutorial guide.