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Chartered Realty Advisors Is The Education Division of Vic Bruno Co.

Chartered Realty Advisors has branded "CoRE CE" as the New Mexico Real Estate Commission accredited educational sponsor of continuing education courses. "CoRE CE" is an acronym for Co-operative Real Estate Continuing Education, meaning  several NMREC certified real estate instructors may be invited to present courses through this venue.

All courses offered will qualify for pre-licensing and license renewal credit hours for NM Real Estate Licensees. 

Current Course Offerings:

What Makes A Professional - New for 2019!

This course applies to all disciplines and takes aim at recent rule changes by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission designed in part to increase licensee professionalism and reduce E&O claims. The material expands on Broker Duty ‘A’ and its specific requirement for licensees to be professional!

Widely recognized characteristics of professionalism are explored along with attitudes toward real estate as a career, continuing education, service to the industry, professional imagery conveyed to consumers and where problems and pitfalls often occur.

Approved for four hours of continuing education credit.


NMREC CORE COURSE - 2017  2018  2019!

This is the new course that replaces the old "Mandatory Course'. The New Mexico Real Estate Commission requires all licenses to participate in a CORE Course every year during their license renewal cycle beginning in 2017. 

Approved for four hours of CORE continuing education credit.


Ethics, Beyond The Code

NMREC's recent Rules modification of Broker Duty 'A' added a requirement that all licensees owe consumers a duty of honesty and reasonable care and ethical and professional conduct.

This newly written course qualifies for NMREC's four hour Ethics requirement  OR it can be used instead as a Core-Elective.  It is NOT a REALTOR Code of Ethics course!  The ethics universe is vast and this material goes beyond the code in an attempt to address NMREC's concerns!

Video segments include: What Is Ethics, Ethical Judgement, Ethical Decision Making and Taking Action. Hypothetical Ethical Dilemmas are used to demonstrate the conflict between two seemingly right answers. Two case studies engage the class in study and discussion of fictional legal cases involving brokers potential ethical failures. And, more!

This course meets NMREC's four hour ethics requirement or can be used as a core elective.

Approved for four hours of continuing education credit. 



Marketplace Dynamics in CRE

Commercial Real Estate boom and bust periods are reflective of dynamic economic changes in the general marketplace.  This course intends to provide practitioners with perspectives on some of the forces at work and demonstrate how those forces affect the built environment. 

The material explores competition in a globalized economy, the so-called jobless recovery, demographic trends and touches on valuation concerns in a changed new world. In this new framework, clients are challenging practitioners to provide more substance in order to make better, more informed decisions whether as a landlord, tenant, seller or buyer.

Practitioners who understand marketplace dynamics and incorporate them into their toolkits should be better equipped to differentiate themselves from the competition and win more assignments. 

Approved for three hours of continuing education credit. 


An Untapped Resource:  A Tutorial On Real Estate Philanthropy

Over the next two decades, the Boomer Generation is expected to transfer some $10 Trillion in real estate assets as they move into and through retirement to their final destination!  Meanwhile, as the Great Recession has taken its toll on fundraising, charities are taking a serious look at the alternative of accepting real estate gifts, something they have historically ignored!  This material opens the door to pathways for real estate philanthropy and how real estate licensees might participate while earning fees and commissions. 

The course fee includes the tutorial guide* "The Secret Power Behind Real Estate Donations" and two of the foremost experts in the country as guest speakers via a video presentation.

Approved for four hours of continuing education credit. 

*Realty Restoration Gift Fund of Santa Fe, NM is gratefully acknowledged for their contribution of the tutorial guide.



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